Vāyu is Sanskrit for the element of air, it is the wind that sets everything in motion, the force through which everything is expressed and to which, ultimately, everything returns. So, Vāyu Yoga & Massage couldn’t be based anywhere else but on the island of Tinos.

Vāyu Yoga & Massage offers a complete practice program, by combining Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga and Restorative yoga, as well as Pilates and Fitness classes given by selected partners.

Yoga practice allows us to meet hidden aspects of ourselves by maturing through our personal experiences, by strengthening our bodies, by increasing our concentration, and by offering relaxation and calmness to the mind. All the experiences bore by everyone to this day are inscribed in the body. It is the means that helps us become observers of our own selves.

At the same time one can enjoy a massage session with one of our beloved partners. Massage is another means used to connect us deeper with our bodies, and cultivate communication with ourselves. One can choose amongst Τhaï massage, Tok Sen, Oil massage, Reflexology or Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal healing massage).

Weather permitting, especially during the summer months, seminars, workshops and retreats are organized. It is also possible for practices to be conducted in English and French. Classes are given either privately or in small groups to ensure a tailored approach to every single person.

Different spiritual paths and traditional yoga practices complete each other in order to lead us to the same point: to know ourselves better, to accept who we are, to come closer to our truth and maybe even to be healed.

So, we created a safe and intimate environment, for both yours and our practice to flourish. An ideal space to share, to grow, and to find our own route, using yoga practice and thaï massage as a tool.

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